12 Week Guided IBS Workshop

Ready to leave those IBS symptoms behind?

Constantly planning life around the nearest bathroom? Cancelling plans because you feel like crap? Exhausted from trying to understand your gut issues, trying EVERYTHING - with no success?

IBS sucks.

Often times, clients come to me at their wits end. They’ve tried everything – from figuring out IBS triggers on their own, to attempting to implement a low FODMAP diet, to supplements, to pills. The majority of the time – without success.

I often hear that clients feel that there are no solutions to manage this disorder, and that they ‘just have to get used to living life this way’.

You don’t have to live with uncontrolled IBS symptoms.

I've created a 12 week guided IBS workshop - based on my ultra-successful one-on-one counselling methods - to get YOU IBS relief in just 12 weeks. It combines my 4 pillars of gut health, which I've developed from evidence, expert opinion, personal experience living with IBS, and emerging research in the field of gut health.

I can help you with your IBS.

Over 12 weeks, we will work holistically to take a food-first approach to improve YOUR gut health.

We will be talking FODMAP's, the gut-brain connection, gut health, and how to live life WITHOUT having to worry about food, and your guts, every waking hour!

You will gain the tools and knowledge YOU need - and have all the pieces of the puzzle - in order to take charge of your gut health!

Your Instructor

Andrea Hardy
Andrea Hardy

Hi! I'm Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian and gut health expert. I run a private practice called Ignite Nutrition, where I help people live the healthiest life they ACTUALLY enjoy.

I struggled with gut health for years. Despite being a registered dietitian and 'knowing' everything about food - I just couldn't get to the bottom of my gut health problems.

As I started to research and practice in the field, I had an a-ha moment. Gut health is SO much more than the nutrients or diets you follow.

It takes a holistic approach to manage gut health, and get you set in the right direction. There is no magic pill, or potion. I've created a 4-pillar approach to gut health - and now I'd like to share it with you.


We will be learning ALL about FODMAP's

  • What a FODMAP is - how they impact your gut, and why you need them
  • how fermentable carbohydrates impact your symptoms
  • EXACTLY how to remove FODMAP's from your diet, without confusion
  • Hidden sources of FODMAP's
  • Why there is more to gut health than JUST food
  • The brain-gut connection
  • ... and MORE!

FOUR WEEKS of low FODMAP meal plans, grocery lists, and super simple recipes (VALUE = $240)

Classroom Session: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 6th @ 6 pm MST (replay recorded)

Live Q&A: WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20th @ 6 pm MST (replay recorded)


We will be bringing back foods to add variety to your life (and your microbiome!)

We will teach you:

  • you how to strategically reintroduce each type of fermentable carbohydrate (FODMAP)
  • how to properly assess for symptoms
  • WHY reintroduction is SO critical
  • managing flare ups
  • the download on medications, supplements, and more!

Classroom Session: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5th @ 6 pm MST (replay recorded)

Live Q&A: WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19th @ 6 pm MST (replay recorded)

Weeks 8-12 - Gut Health and Moving Ahead

It's time to figure out how to let IBS take the backseat on our lives!

We will be teaching you:

  • How to improve your gut health long term
  • How IBS DOESN'T have to dominate your life, when we approach it strategically
  • Long-term planning with FODMAP's and delving deeper into understanding your triggers
  • Celebrating just how far we've come!

Classroom Session: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1st @ 6 pm MST (replay recorded)

Wrap Up Party!: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15th @ 6 pm MST (replay recorded)

What's Included (it's a lot!):

  • 6 hours of live, small group dietitian time with Andrea Hardy, RD (Value = $750)
  • 4 weeks of AMAZING low FODMAP menus, with easy recipes, grocery list included (Value = $240)
  • An AMAZING private community of people, who are going through exactly what you are - to share learning and experience with
  • BONUS: Exclusive access to guest interviews with experts in the field (experts to be announced!) (Value = over $100)

Total Workshop Value over $1000!


Are you ready to take charge of your gut health, and say goodbye to IBS symptoms?

Then this workshop is for YOU.

Save your seat now - there are only 10 spots available!

Get started now!