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All the practical tools you need to manage your IBS with the low FODMAP diet

These resources are created for the clients of Ignite Nutrition. They are for those who have received one-on-one counselling, or are looking to receive one-on-one counselling by a registered dietitian at Ignite Nutrition.

All clients who book the 90 Day Gut Reset Package receive unlimited access to this material for the duration of their treatment.

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Andrea Hardy
Andrea Hardy

Andrea Hardy is a Registered Dietitian and co-founder of Nutrition Academy. Her private practice Ignite Nutrition Inc. provides focused online nutrition counselling in a variety of areas including weight management & developing a healthy relationship with food. She is an expert in gut health & nutrition and specializes in the low FODMAP diet. Her nutrition blog focusing on nutrition trends, debunking myths, and providing trusted and realistic nutrition advice to her readers.

Tired of fad diets, frustrated clients, and people having a negative relationship with food, Andrea developed a nutrition concept focusing on 'becoming your own nutrition expert'. Through mentoring readers and clients, she takes an entirely different approach to nutrition - encouraging people to understand what nutrition advice is good, and what advice is best ignored.

Fed up with unrealistic diet expectations & the oh-so-trendy 'all or nothing' approach? Andrea is all about PRACTICAL nutrition - that fits within your life. Visit her at www.ignitenutrition.ca

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