Corporate Wellness Challenge

Reach your health goals with small, meaningful changes!

Welcome to The Corporate Wellness Challenge!

We are kicking off 4 weeks of wellness starting February 4th 2019 and ending March 3rd 2019!

This special event is being hosted for Lundgren and Young - however *anyone* is welcome - if you'd like your corporation to join - just contact us.

When you go on a fad diet, do a health or wellness overhaul, or simply decide it's time to make a change to your health, often times, these changes don't stick.


Because you haven't formed a health behaviour that ACTUALLY fits within your life - making it seem like an uphill battle to do day in, and day out.

People often come to dietitians saying 'if I could only have stuck to X diet, THEN I would achieve my health goals'.

Let me ask you: Do you fail the diet? Or does the diet fail you?

We KNOW that changing health involves something more complex than willpower - it takes SKILLPOWER.

By incorporating small, meaningful changes into your life, you are:

  • Creating a habit you can maintain
  • Doing something achievable
  • Gaining CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE in ONE behaviour at a time
  • Creating a catalyst towards BIG results over a longer period of time.

This February, join us in the 4 week #MeaningfulChange movement - and make a REAL and LONG LASTING difference to your health.

Your Instructor

Nutrition Academy
Nutrition Academy

Andrea Hardy and Susan Watson are the co-founders of Nutrition Academy! They both run their own nutrition counselling companies Ignite Nutrition and A Little Nutrition, and specialize in a variety of different practice areas!


What You Need to Know About The Challenge


This challenge is currently being run for L&Y in Calgary - however anyone is welcome to join! We will be STARTING February 4th 2019.

We regularly run the challenge for corporations as part of their wellness initiatives. If you are a corporation looking to run a wellness initiative, contact us at [email protected]


Each week, we will be giving you a specific task, that is quick, easy, and will contribute to your health, no matter WHAT your health and nutrition goal.

You will complete the task for 7 days, with the option of sharing on social media your SUCCESS with the hashtag #MeaningfulChange

Each week, we will add on a new healthy habit that fits within YOUR life. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have developed 4 habits that will have a HUGE impact on your health!


EASY! Just click the 'join challenge' button.

OPTIONAL: Join our Facebook Group so that YOU can share your success along the way, and tag a colleague you'd like to join and support you.

If you'd like to coordinate an entire team, office, or company, and would like some help - just contact [email protected]!


I often say, it's not our lack of food knowledge that we struggle with, it's our BEHAVIOUR around food. By shaping behaviour in a way that builds your habits, confidence, and competence, you will gain the skills YOU need to ensure your changes stick around for GOOD!

This doesn't mean it's going to be easy - all behaviour change takes work and commitment. However, we have designed the challenge in a way that you pick what works best for YOU, and you learn from where your personal challenges lie.

We've chosen the challenges based on where we see people make the most mistakes with their health - and have focused on behaviour, rather than 'food rules' - so that it fits within your life, and that you don't feel restricted! These challenges give you 'bang for your buck' - a small habit with a BIG long term payoff.

This course is not open for enrollment.