How To Maintain Your Weight With Smart Eating Solutions To Holiday Eating

Banish guilt, overcome holiday sabotage and no falling off the wagon this year!

The HoliDAZE Healthy Eating Challenge!

As dietitians, we hear a lot of people complaining about how they feel like they “blew it” with their nutrition over the holidays, which is starting now. Office parties, holiday baking, and family gatherings etc., it can seem like a never ending line up of eating events.

We want this year to be different for you and our clients, so we teamed up with some registered dietitian friends to create a the HoliDAZE Healthy Eating Challenge.

It’s not about “being good”, but more along the lines of mindful reduction, damage control, and most importantly banishing the guilt - after all, holidays are meant to be enjoyed!

This 3-week workshop is jam packed full of tips and challenges from Nutrition Experts!

Banish guilt

Overcome holiday sabotage

No falling off the wagon this year!

Sign up now and learn from the experts!

If you are looking for support over this holiday season, we have you covered!

Your Instructor

Nutrition Academy
Nutrition Academy

Andrea Hardy and Susan Watson are the co-founders of Nutrition Academy! They both run their own nutrition counselling companies Ignite Nutrition and A Little Nutrition, where they help people make better food choices and improve their relationship with food!

Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the workshop?
We will be running this workshop for the full month of December 2016, but then it will be taken down in January. However you will have lifetime access to our Facebook community once you join!

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