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Have you been diagnosed with IBS or maybe gotten the message that it 'might' be IBS since everything else has been ruled out?

I'm Andrea a Registered Dietitian and I have IBS myself. It's actually WHY I started my private practice, Ignite Nutrition.

I want you to know, IBS is a REAL condition, with REAL options for management, and that you don't have to live with bowel issues impacting your day to day life!

This is a FREE re-recording of a workshop I hosted for IBS awareness month in 2018.

My vision for this event was to reach as many people as possible and shape the way in which we view IBS diagnosis and management. I want to empower people who are living with IBS, or who know someone with IBS to better understand the condition and that there is hope to feel better!

The event was a huge hit, and patients left feeling hopeful and empowered, and most importantly, with a tool kit of options to manage their IBS.

Our entire team at Ignite hopes you feel the same way, and we're here for support through one-on-one counselling if you need it!

Your Instructor

Ignite Nutrition Inc.
Ignite Nutrition Inc.

Our dietitians are specialized in gastrointestinal health and IBS management.

We bring you some great content to get started on the low FODMAP diet.

We strongly encourage you working with one of our amazing dietitians so your care can be monitored, individualized, and safely implemented.

Many health care plans cover the cost of registered dietitian nutritionists - check with your extended benefits today!

You will learn:

  • What IBS actually is
  • How IBS is diagnosed/how it should be diagnosed
  • Nutrition management options
  • Non-pharmacological and pharmacological medication options
  • The role the gut-brain connection plays in symptom management
  • The role the gut microbiota plays in symptom management
  • Your next steps/ a direction to go for symptom management
Ignite's 4 pillar plan

About Ignite Nutrition

Ignite Nutrition is a Calgary (and virtual) private practice specialized in digestive disorders, women's health, and food relationship. Our dietitians undergo extensive additional training for the management of digestive disorders and continue to be practice leaders in the field of IBS!

Andrea Hardy, Your Instructor

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this workshop help me
This course is for informational and educational purposes only and does not replace medical or mental health advice. It is STRONGLY encouraged you work with a trained health professional to implement the IBS strategies though it is understandable that this is not accessible for everyone, which is why we've put as much supportive information in as possible. Keep in mind, everyone's IBS is different, which is why an individualized approach is likely to produce more beneficial results. To work with one of our trained IBS dietitians, visit
What support will I receive?
Due to the volume of participants in this free workshop, we are unfortunately not able to support individual questions and do not provide counselling via email. We do have one-on-one counselling services to help support you if needed at

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