Mediterranean Diet & Inflammation Patient Handouts [Bundle]

Patient handouts for supporting a patient with Inflammation and can be used for, CVD, gut health and so much more!

Our team of registered dietitians at Nutrition Academy understand that having clear, supportive resources is a cornerstone of counselling.

With the Mediterranean pattern of eating having such extensive research in supporting our patients for inflammation, we wanted to create a supportive handout bundle so dietitians don't have to reinvent the wheel!

This is why we’ve created a bundle pack of handouts for dietitians and health care professionals

– to save you time and help you implement dietary interventions for The Mediterranean diet for Inflammation with patients in 10 minutes or less!

***Download nutrition resources to provide focused information, advice, and guidance on the Mediterranean Diet for Inflammation ***

Who is the Mediterranean Diet for?:

Inflammation in our Nutrition & Inflammation course, Kim Arrey RD discusses some of the 'trendy' diets that just don't have the evidence to support their use in inflammatory conditions. Surprise surprise, a Mediterranean pattern of eating is most evidence based in supporting patients interested in making dietary changes to help inflammation.

Psoriasis - in our most recent course reviewing Nutrition for Psoriasis with Meg Hagar, RD the BIG takeaway was a Mediterranean style diet has the strongest evidence as opposed to the many diets patients might come in interested in trying.

Gut Health - in our course on Nutrition & The Gut Microbiota, Andrea Hardy, RD highlights that the nutrients found in the Mediterranean diet, as well as a Mediterranean style pattern of eating may positively influence the gut microbiota and partially explain why these diets are so beneficial in chronic disease prevention and management.

I'm sure I don't have to tell RD's twice, the Mediterranean diet has many uses in a variety of conditions - which is why we realized - a resource bundle is SO necessary!

The Bundle:

This bundle includes the following patient handouts:

  • Eat this, Reduce That! Eating for Inflammation
  • 1 week menu plan and grocery list of a Mediterranean Eating Pattern (simple, practical version)
  • 1 week menu plan and grocery list of a Mediterranean Eating Plan (more elaborate/increased variety of recipes - great for recipe inspiration!)
  • Anti-Inflammatory, Mediterranean Style Diet Handout

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Your Instructor

Susan Watson, RD + CIEC
Susan Watson, RD + CIEC

Susan Watson is a registered dietitian and a certified intuitive eating counselor. She is the co-founder of Nutrition Academy and owner of A Little Nutrition Inc. based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A Little Nutrition Inc. incorporates a team approach to health by having a dedicated team of registered dietitians, therapists, and occupational therapists. With her extensive expertise and passion for promoting a good relationship with food, Susan co-founded Nutrition Academy to help empower individuals to cultivate a positive relationship with food and provide valuable non-diet weight-inclusive resources for healthcare providers. Susan incorporates Health at Every Size® Principles into her practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the handouts?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing the handouts, you have unlimited access to this them for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the content?
Unfortunately because these handouts are digital downloads, the handouts are not eligible for a refund.
How can I use these handouts?
These handouts are licensed for individual practitioner use in with patients. Please do not copy, alter or repurpose the content in these handouts. Copyright Nutrition Academy 2020.

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