Starting the Low FODMAP Diet

The 'need to know' resources for getting started on the low FODMAP diet

These are the 'must-have' resources for getting started on the low FODMAP diet for IBS and functional gut disorders!

With so much low FODMAP misinformation out there, you can rely on these resources as an accurate, up-to-date way to implement the low FODMAP diet, without confusion or stress.

At Ignite, we strongly encourage only implementing the low FODMAP diet under guidance of a trained dietitian or doctor, as often times, we see people make many mistakes that hold them back from getting better.

However, you may be implementing the low FODMAP diet under the guidance of a physician or gastroenterologist and have been referred to these resources.

All clients who book the counselling for IBS or gut disorders receive unlimited access to the handouts in this database, and more, for the duration of their treatment - however many clients like to sign up for this database for access to the exclusive Q+A in between appointments! Talk with your registered dietitian to see if this might be a good fit for you.

Resources Included:

  • Low FODMAP Food Guide
  • List of FODMAP Foods to Avoid
  • What is IBS? Understanding your Diagnosis
  • A review of best FODMAP apps
  • A review of low FODMAP products & companies on the market
  • How to label read low FODMAP
  • A list of BEST IBS blogs and where to get easy recipes from
  • Access to a 5 day low FODMAP menu plan
  • Information on how to start your low FODMAP journey

PLUS! Join our LIVE Q&A sessions so YOU get your IBS & low FODMAP diet questions answered by Registered Dietitian and Gut Health Expert, Andrea Hardy.



Your Instructor

Andrea Hardy
Andrea Hardy

Andrea Hardy is a Registered Dietitian and co-founder of Nutrition Academy. Her private practice Ignite Nutrition Inc. provides focused online nutrition counselling in a variety of areas including weight management & developing a healthy relationship with food. She is an expert in gut health & nutrition and specializes in the low FODMAP diet. Her nutrition blog focusing on nutrition trends, debunking myths, and providing trusted and realistic nutrition advice to her readers.

Tired of fad diets, frustrated clients, and people having a negative relationship with food, Andrea developed a nutrition concept focusing on 'becoming your own nutrition expert'. Through mentoring readers and clients, she takes an entirely different approach to nutrition - encouraging people to understand what nutrition advice is good, and what advice is best ignored.

Fed up with unrealistic diet expectations & the oh-so-trendy 'all or nothing' approach? Andrea is all about PRACTICAL nutrition - that fits within your life. Visit her at www.ignitenutrition.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is access to the resources and Q+A support?
Access is $10 CAD per month and can be cancelled at any time.
How long do I have to register for?
Access is billed monthly - and you can cancel at any time. Those who want continued access or support to the Q+A support can continue for as long as they'd like!
Do I need additional support?
Ignite Nutrition strongly believes the low FODMAP diet should NOT be implemented without proper supervision from a trained dietitian or doctor. However, access to these things can be a challenge. If you'd like additional support, hop over to www.ignitenutrition.ca to book an appointment - we understand this is not in everybody's capacity, hence why we created the resource database!
Can you answer specific questions about my symptoms in the Q+A?
The Q+A is designed to provide support and answer questions around IBS and the low FODMAP diet. Individual advice on medical conditions cannot be given, as a full assessment is required to fully understand your symptoms. That being said - I want you to get the MOST out of the Q+A - I will do my best to guide you in the right direction, and will suggest counselling if the question requires a more lengthy discussion or analysis of your case. Ultimately, my number one priority is to keep you SAFE, and this Q+A does not replace medical advice and is for informational purposes. All nutrition changes should be reviewed by a physician or dietitian.


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