How to address patient questions about pesticide use in Canada

Learn how pesticides, including glyphosate, are used and regulated in Canada

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Do you find it hard to address patient concerns around the use of pesticides and our food supply?

The safe use of pesticides in farming is fundamental in making sure there is enough safe and affordable food for everyone, by protecting crops from pests like insects, weeds, and fungal diseases.

Canada has one of the most stringent regulatory systems in the world for the safe use of pesticides in farming. But... understanding the different pesticides, and are applied safely can be confusing, and difficult to answer patients' questions about.

We know that pesticides help protect our food supply and generally help farmers grow more food in both conventional and organic farming.

However some people have concerns about pesticide use and residue that may be on the food they eat.

As dietitians, we need to make sure that we are informed on the most up-to-date evidence and facts so we can relay correct information to the public and our patients.

Nutrition Academy has partnered with CropLife Canada to bring you an educational webinar on the science behind how pesticides, including glyphosate are used in Canada and questions about their safety in our food supply.


Register for this webinar and get a 1 hour of continuing education certificate of attendance!


-Learn more about what pesticides are, and find out about regulation in place to ensure that foods that have been treated with pesticides are safe to eat.

-Learn about the different kinds of pesticides and the various applications and uses.

-Learn about toxicity of pesticides and the protocols used for reducing hazards, risk, exposure.


How to address patient concern around Top 5 Pesticide Myths, like:

  • Organic versus synthetic pesticide -did you know both pesticides are used to battle pests!

  • Comparing commonly used ‘toxins’ in our environment against pesticide use

  • Misconceptions around farmers and their use of pesticides, and information about farmers' sustainability practices, regulations, and long-term goals for their land.

Join us LIVE on June 23rd at 12 pm MST/1 pm CST/2 pm EST (replay will be available!)

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Join us for an informational webinar and live Q&A with CropLife Canada representative Ian Affleck.

Learn more about how our food is produced in Canada and how to address patient concerns and misconceptions and around pesticide use.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course run?
We run the event LIVE on June 23rd @ 2pm EST. Can't make it? Make sure you register, and we will send you the replay after the event.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have 3 weeks access to this webinar and the replay.
Does this course provide CE credit?
This course will provide you with a certificate for the training which you may use to meet your college competency requirements, contingent on your college's rules and regulations.
Can I share this workshop with my colleagues?
Yes, please share with your Canadian dietitian colleagues!

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